Our Smile subscription


Do you want A whiter, brighter smile all year round?

Our smile subscription services is the perfect solution to achieve a whiter, brighter smile all year round.

$13.90 Subscription:
Receive 6 sessions over 12 months for only $13.90 per week. Achieve the smile you’ve always wanted at a price you can afford. Each session works out to be less than $121, in comparison to $235. Saving a total of $680 over the 12 months.

$11.90 Subscription:
Includes 4 sessions over 12 months for only $11.90 per week. This subscription provides you with the flexibility to book in your treatments at times that are convenient for you. Save over $320 across the 12 months.

Please note that your subscription service is for Smile Addiction Bright Treatments only.

It is valid for you only and not transferable.
The period of the subscription is in 12 month blocks to use either your 4 or 6 treatments depending on which subscription you choose ie, you have 12 months to use your 4 or 6 appointments, they do not roll over after the 12 month period.
Your subscription is ongoing; it is a periodic agreement. This means once your first 12 months are over your subscription will automatically continue and roll over to a new 12 months (starting the 6 or 4 treatments again into the new 12 months) This will carry on until either you or we terminate it.
A formal cancellation notice of 4 weeks is required at the end of the 12 month period if you wish to suspend and cancel your subscription service.
cleardot.gifPayments from your account will automatically be taken out once a week by our system.
If the system is unable to process the payment for reasons such as funds not being available or the card expired then you will need to call us to update your details as soon as possible. An email is sent to you alerting you of a missed payment.
Each missed payment will need to be paid back in a lump sum.
To avoid this please ensure that the account you choose will have funds available weekly and your credit card has not expired.
Total cost of 6 treatment subscription $13.90/ week = $722.80 per 12 month minimum. ($120.50 per treatment)
Total cost of 4 treatment subscription $11.90/ week = $618.80 per 12 month minimum. ($154.70 per treatment)