Our Smile subscription


Do you want A whiter, brighter smile all year round?

The Smile Subscription includes 6 sessions to be used over 12 months for only $13.90 per week. It is the most cost-effective, stress-free way to keep your teeth whiter, brighter all year round.

We recommend that you use your first three sessions within the initial three months, and follow up with one session every three months thereafter.

What is the saving?
To put it simply, a lot! Each session works out to be less than $121, in comparison to $235. Saving $680 over the 12 months

Please note that your subscription service is for Smile Addiction Bright Treatments only. It is valid for you only and not transferable. The period of the subscription is for 12 months. Your subscription is ongoing; it is a periodic agreement that will continue after the 12 months until either you or we terminate it. A formal cancellation notice of 4 weeks is required at the end of your 12 months if you wish to suspend your subscription.